This one is one of my favorite memories of a family trip from when I was younger. We went to Wyoming in maybe 2008. We went for two weeks, and drove all the way out there. I remember being really afraid of going to a place that had grizzly bears. I had previously gone to Glacier National Park, which has one of the most dense populations of grizzlies in the US. So, I was worked up and still pretty afraid being only 12 years old at the time. In Yellowstone, we saw all of the geysers which were amazing although they smelt like rotten egg.. haha. One of the most memorable parts of this trip was going for a hike on one of our last days there before moving on to the Tetons. We were all hiking when a fox ran past going the other way, stopping to look at us and almost tell us to not keep going. Of course, we kept going and turned a corner to see a couple of adult buffalo, with a couple of young ones. Since they had young ones, they got defensive and began to chase up. I ran the quickest i ever have, it was so terrifying. My mom practically dragged my sister. Luckily they gave up shortly after. To this day, my family makes fun of me for running so fast, and they always buy me little buffalo things to joke about it.

In the Grand Tetons, we did lots of long hikes into the mountains. These mountains we dark, and scary. You could hardly see 10 feet off the trail, although it was beautiful. At our campground, two black bears walked through our site. I’ve seen black bears before so I wasn’t panicked. This trip was definitely one to remember. Beyond the beautiful natural sites, there were many action packed aspects to it.

I don’t have any digital pictures from this trip, it was before iPhones and before we had a digital camera.


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