My junior year of high school my mom took my sister and I to Jamaica along with a couple of her friends. We stayed at an all inclusive resort, which was the complete opposite of any type of vacation I had been on previously in my life. We stayed for a week, and thanks to the all-inclusive, buffet style meals of amazing Jamaican and various other styles of food for every meal, every day, I left with my shorts being very snug and fitting very uncomfortably! It was a very serious week of yummy food, beach bumming’ and good drinks(because they don’t have a drinking age), because those were all inclusive as well.

Beside spending the days on the beach, we did go Parasailing, which was so scary, but also such a great adrenaline rush. We went snorkeling, and saw things like sea cucumbers and sting rays in the ocean. Also, we did leave the resort once, which is only recommended if your on some sort of guided excursion because it isn’t exactly safe, especially when the locals can tell you are a tourist. We took a bus to an area of lots of little shops that locals fill with little knick-nacks and souvenir type things. A lot of the ladies selling these things were uncomfortably pushy, because they wanted to sell their things. Nonetheless, it was still a great experience to drive around the island.

Unfortunately i don’t have any pictures of my trip there!


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