Now this one gets about as close to home as possible, but I always enjoy going to Chicago and spending the day there. For my birthday in July 2015, my dad and step mom took my boyfriend, my brother and I to the city for a night. This was first time staying overnight, and it was so neat. The place we stayed in was a hostel, so we shared a bathroom/shower and kitchen space with 5 other rooms. Our room was tiny, and had a bunk bed. My dad’s room was a little bigger, and had just a larger bed. Neither of the rooms had TV’s. The concept of the hotel was cool, because there really is no point in having a fancy room if you’ll just be their to sleep. We went to to the Willis Tower, out onto the glass ledge and it was terrifying to step out there, there was even a slight breeze. We of course saw the Bean at Millennium Park, and ate some amazing deep dish pizza, because that’s a must in Chicago. The next day we went to the She’d Aquarium, which I loved.

Chicago will always be one of my favorite cities. I love the commotion and all of the noise in the city.



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