I traveled to Oregon about 5 years ago with my Dad and little sister, Eva. Eva and I flew into Seattle where my dad had met us because he had driven. The next day we traveled to the Oregon Coast, we drove through Forks, where the book series Twilight took place, then finally made it to the Pacific. I don’t remember the name of the place but it was pretty well in the middle of no where. We then prepared to go on a 3 day backpacking trip along the coast.

Oregon Coast

Since I don’t have many digital pictures, this is a link of one of the spots we hiked past.

The thing with hiking along the coast, and setting up a tent is that you have to deal with the tide, and if you don’t time things just right, you can put yourself in serious danger. But overall it was an extremely exciting experience.

After this, we proceed to stay at the Ace Hotel in Portland. Which was amazing. Ace Hotel/ Portland

The City of Portland reminds me a lot of Milwaukee.

After leaving Portland, we went to Red Woods National Park in California, then spent 2 continuous days driving home.


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