Although this one is close to home, only four and half hour drive from Milwaukee, Wi, it is still one of my most favorite places to go away to. I’ve spent my life going to my Grandparents cabin on Wilson Lake every summer. For the past two years, I have taken my boyfriend up there for a disconnected week of outdoor fun. I still feel like a child when I go up there and dive off of the huge pier into the lake, playing with floats and water noodles. Going for bike rides every evening and having bonfires at when, when it’s so dark all you can see are the flames and the stars. The town of Mercer is very small, they don’t even have a population listed, but they do have a bar that serves amazing pizza, we get a large just to have the leftovers, and Tom’s Cafe where we always go to get a chocolate shake and a basket of fries. The best part of town is the Wampum Shop, that sells all the nick-nacks and souvenirs you can imagine, when I was little we’d talk my Grandpa into taking us every day. Lake Superior is only about an hour away, and their are lots of state and county parks that aren’t to far away. It’s such a peaceful getaway, to have no phone service, wifi or anything to worry about.


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